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Internet is our playground.

Welcome to our playground

Think like a roller coaster, swing your ideas, land your conclusion to the grass.
Pour your thoughts into the river, ride a waterfall and swim into the ocean of creativity.
The nature of this project is immense and top secret that we can not brief you, just yet.
But we promise you one thing, once you're in, we'll be making history about it.
Join our founding team and we will build the future of our world.

Be a founder, be a Dragon.

Digital Strategist

Understand technology, experience navigation and new media opportunities by taking a 360 approach to the customer.

You facilitate the path for others to define and design sustainable ideas, quality engagement initiatives and memorable experiences across digital channel opportunities. Connecting brand to people, media planning, and propagation planner.

Fun Gag Specialists

Your first and last name is “Funny”. You are fun, comical, epic, and able of producing serial gags and laughter. You can kill Adam Sandler with all your not so funny and all funny jokes.

Probably you are standup comedian or simply a comic who love to tweet, post, and share funny stupid or funny smart jokes. You are full of ideas, have great sense of humor and sometimes can be insensitive.

Data Scientists

Have faith in analytics, computer science and applications, modeling, statistics, and math. Posses strong ability to communicate findings to business divisions and developer team, pick the right problems that have the most value.

You are part an analyst and part an artist. Can look data from many different angles; determine what it means, then recommend ways to apply the data.

Algorithm Engineers

You focus on the design, analysis, implementation, optimization, profiling and experimental evaluation of computer algorithms, bridging the gap between algorithm theory and practical applications of algorithms in software engineering.

You work in line with our front end - back end developers, search engineers, data scientist and psychologicalists.

Search Engineers

Build scalable and distributed search system: content extraction, indexing and query interfaces.

Work with complex data structure and apply out of the box thinking to propose creative ways to extract most out of data with various degree of quality. You contribute to the design and architecture of the project.

Digital Sound Engineers

Creative and Ambitious. Experience in all areas of multimedia production, this is a brilliant opportunity to build a challenging and rewarding career path with us.

Supporting the creative team, you’ll assist with all elements of video production and work alongside the team to create in house viral creative videos. Your videos will be posted by all means in all possible platforms.

Videographer & Camera Operator

Creative and Ambitious. Experience in all areas of multimedia production, this is a brilliant opportunity to build a challenging and rewarding career path with us.

Supporting the creative team, you’ll assist with all elements of video production and work alongside the team to create in house viral creative videos. Your videos will be posted by all means in all possible platforms.

Legal Officer (UU ITE & HAKI)

Most probably you will be working in a company that have the most intellectual properties in the region.

You must know how copyrights and patents (HAKI) work in different countries and you can be our “lawyer” at the same time when needed. You know all the rules and always get updated with new local and international cyber laws (UU ITE).

Brand Ambassador

Your role is to represent our brand at all high levels possible. You can be a no one and turn into someone in our viral advertorials.

We look for all criteria: funny, good-looking, kind, creative, camera face, photogenic, etcetera and etcetera. In short, this is a life changer job that will change your entire life and the way people look at you.

Brand Manager

You will be responsible for gaining a true insight into all our intellectual properties, the market and our competitors. Capable to develop clear strategies that will help us drive our brand forwards in all around the world.

Your role will stretch across communication development, portfolio management and innovation launches.

Concept Director

You will be working in line with our Art Director, Graphic Director, Creative Director, Chief Production Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and Brand Manager to create and develop the company concept on all platforms.

We believe result is a journey, not a destination and it is one of your job to keep the company vision and mission intact all the time. You are the Alpha and Omega of this company.

2D Animator

You would have strong teamwork skills the ability to follow direction and work hands on with our Art Director. Slice assets for the Engineering team. Work closely with the Art team for any user interface art needs.

Effectively communicate conceptual ideas and detailed designs both verbally and visually. Good professional graphic design skills including illustration, animation and computer graphic design.

Creative Director

Leading a creative group of web, mobile, and interactive project with multi-layered complexity. Using the latest technology to engage audiences, they produce beautiful, memorable, and easy-to-use online experiences.

Coordinate between programmers designers, video producers to usher the creative vision across completion of the project. Manage day-to-day operation of creative artefacts and teams

HRD & Legal Officers

We depend on you in charge of the human resource development of the dragons. Good understanding of intellectual property, Internet regulation and alternative dispute resolution.

Have an excellent communication, interpersonal skills and ability to maintain effective partnerships and working relations in a multicultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.

System Analysts

Critical, analytical, and sharp. Full stack. Pro active, high initiative, and anticipative. Great backend, frontend and internet security knowledge. Eager to learn and share new things. Capable of designing a systematic flowchart that works.

You will also be responsible the creation of alternative concepts, diagrams and story boards and be able to present them to the development team in order for them to understand the business needs.

QC & Debuggers

Like a rat, you keep trying to find loopholes in our system. Capable of making Plan A, B, C to Z when things get really nasty and do not work how it supposed to. Capable of making system analysis and work flow.

You are never satisfied with how things work and anti-mainstream kind of person. But at the end you are a problem solver when things get really complicated.

Digital Marketers

Definitely a sanguinist, out of the box person, very creative, passionate, clever and smells like the next big thing. Can create better impression than the rest of the pack, expressive and captive. Very outgoing, open minded and keep up to date with the latest trends.

Know how to create viral ads, campaign or propaganda efficiently. Last not least, you can talk, can really talk to clients.

Media Socialists

People say you are suffering from autism. Well we say you are the Media God. You are fussy, captious, spammy and talk a lot in the internet. You can create viral impact with the intended campaign, you simply exist in everyone’s walls and timelines elegantly. You simply glow than the rest of the netizens.

You influence netizens to follow your directions and earn your money from massive daily IP unique visitors.

Content & Copy Writers

Eat. Sleep. Type. Repeat. You love to find and write contents knowing the contents you type will change many people's life. Yes correct, life changer. You can fill in our sites with great contents and passion, you are the dictionary and wikipedia God of the universe.

You know bahasa Indonesia well while English and Mandarin will also be a great advantage.

SEO Experts & Inventors

You arrange all the particulars, calculate all the mathematics, create the next best grammar and vocabs, and invent the world's best search engine algorithm. You capable to optimize our chances of going to the top three of the chart in every browsers.

Simply know all the keywords to success, love to learn new stuff, and never giving up to impossibility.


You are a Human-mind scientist, you can read minds and well educated in psychology. You are passionate with human behaviour and traits. Great mathematicians, can work well with developers and programmers.

Capable of being a logic person, can calculate people behaviour in your own way along with other of our scientists. Leave no space for error.

Customer Best Friends

Our customers are your best friends. You listen and a great help to their problems, glitches and troubleshootings. Best friends lend their heart and hands to solve anything our customers need to solve.

You have big heart, can see things wisely with a bigger picture from a different perspective, and always take sides in our customers, because our customers are kings.

Moderators & Administrators

Part of the job is to administer and moderate all the little things at our website and app. You decide who win, lose or draw. You decide which is right, which is wrong and which is which.

You are the judge when things can really become pre-judgemental and need a life-saving decision making. We don’t want you to play God, but in some cases you are.

UI/UX Designers for Apps

Your main task will be to architect structured sets of views for data-driven applications. You will also be part of the Design Team tasked with eliciting/synthesizing requirements from users and wireframes that can then be implemented by the in-house Dev Team.

We rely on you to design the apps interface that is user-friendly, interactive, applicable, and easy-to-use.

UI/UX Designers for Website

Your main task will be concepting & designing mobile and web layouts, whether it is responsive, adaptive or both. You will also be part of the production team tasked with synthesizing requirements from users and wireframes that can then be implemented by the in-house web programmers.

You are creative, passionate, love what you do, and work as a team. Wild and out of the box ideas, dare to be different and yet can produce applicable designs.

Front End Developers

Understanding of layout aesthetics and a rigor for programming are prerequisites in the front-end web developer job description. have a depth knowledge of web technologies gained from research and professional experience.

In addition, understanding of the entire web development process with some back-end knowledge and experience on adaptive, responsive or hybrid design.

Back End Developers

You primarily develop and maintain the core functional logic and operations of a software or information system. The key job is to ensure that the data or services requested by the front-end system or software are delivered through programmatic means.

Experienced in building search engine, social media, online media, portal news, e-commerce, etc. A master on algorithm query of search engine and database.

Digital Illustrator

Consider yourself lucky when you join into this powerhouse division. You own the project since day one, and get the chance to meet new comrades who share the same passion.

We look for people who are ridiculously creative, have distinguished vector drawing skill, and willing to work as a team.

Android Programmers

Talking android, you must have a clear idea of how Android is evolving through different versions. We at DCC believe that Android is first created to make life simple. Therefore becoming an Android Programmer is not only making synchronization with the web layout but also building a better one.

We are looking people who can make powerful applications that can change people’s life and can see the world from a different perspective.

IOS Programmers

If you are an apple geek, then you might be the one we want to hire. Needless to say, we assume you already know what you are doing. It is a religion, it is a way of life, IOS programmers dedicate their life in achieving the best way to build apple apps so that human races can enjoy Job’s legacy.

You must aware of the new technology around Cupertino, all the time. Your passion to learn is as much as big as your passion to share with others.

Infrastructure Manager

Not only you are capable of building Infrastructure of an efficient Data Centre but also good at Networking and Database. Experience in Internet Security and handling a massive concurrent query are needed in this path of career. Most importantly you must also have business sense and teamwork kind of man.

Because at Dragon, our employees are our co-founders, and you are our precious asset.


Creative | UX Development | Analytics | Master of Propaganda | Planner


Max.45 yrs old | Oracle Database | Cisco Networking


Max.35 yrs old | Cocoa & Cocoa Touch | Xcode | Swift | Willing to share and learn | Idealistic and conceptive


Max.35 yrs old | Android NDK | Android ADT | Eclipse IDE | Willing to share and learn | Idealistic and conceptive


Max.35 yrs old | Great Wacom Skill | Great sense of Humour | Creative & Fun


Max.35 yrs old | Laravel framework | AngularJS | PHP | Aware of new programming language | Willing to share as a team


Max.35 yrs old | HTML5 | CSS3 | Javascript | UI & UX | Adobe skills


Max.35 yrs old | Website UI & UX Skill | Adobe skills


Max.35 yrs old | Android & IOS | Adobe skills


Max.30 years old | Internet Savvy


Max.30 years old | Big Heart | Big Smile | Think Big


No Age Limit | Psychology education | Logic Expert | Divergent


No Age Limit | Word Genius | Algorithm


Max.30 years old | 10 fingers typewriters | Target oriented


Max.30 years old | Internet Junky | Target Oriented


Max.35 years old | Digitally Smart & Creative


Max.30 years old | "Public Enemy No.1"


Max.35 years old | Ridiculously Genius


Max.45 years old | Law Educated


UX Skill | Storyboarding | Lead Creative sessions | Vendor Selection | Manage Resource | Project Scheduling


After Effects | Photoshop | Flash | Intuos Pro |


Live in the Future | Full of Ideas | Multi Talent | Great Thinker | Never Give Up on Things


ATL & BTL | Marketing & Communication Skills | Brand Developer


Multi Talent | Good-Looking | Camera Face | Funny | Etcetera Etcetera


Preferably have had experiences | Law educated | Straight forward kind of person


Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere | Motion or Adobe After Effects | Video Camera Savvy


Digital Sound Freak | Great Mixer | Youtuber | Vimeon | Netflixer


NodeJS | PHP | Laravel Framework| Java | C++ | Elastic Search


Mathematics freak | Orthodox | Full Stack | Genius


Big Data | Small Data | Meta Data | Micro Data | Nano Data


Funny storyboard and concept | Ridiculously fun and funny person | Funny Genius | All Funny
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